TIS Accessories

Power supply

Din-Rail Power supply 24 Volt DC 1.5 Amps t give all TIS Devices its 24 volt power 

Remote Control  TIS-MRC

TIS Elegant simple remote control, simple to use , can work with Mars, Luna series and 10F Energy servant

IR Learner

IR Learner for Windows 64 bit

Cable manager

Cable manger to manage up to 7 Bus connection

Distributor Box

High quality Steel Box , many different Sizes , 

Terre series covers

There are different colors available to suit different markets and decors, available in four models

TIS Others

IR Receiver Probe Wire

IR Receiver Probe +  Wire of 1.5 Meter

IR Emitter Probe Wire

R Emitter Probe +  Wire of 1.5 Meter

Temperature sensor

Temperature Sensor to use with HVAC or any temp port

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