TIS Sensors

10 Function sensor


Energy Servant 10 Functions,  Celling Mount Sensor with PIR motion Sensor, lights intensity Sensor, Infrared control, 2 Digital Inputs, 12 volt Outputs, 32 logic lines, used for saving energy, AV control security and automation

Motion sensor



PIR motion Sensor and lights intensity Sensor, 8 logics easy to install and progra

Health sensor


It detects CO, CO2, and VOC levels, temperature and humidity, movement, brightness level, and noise with 3 digital inputs, 32 lines of logic, and timers. This smart solution incorporates every important health factor to bring you peace of mind.

4 Zone input

4 Zone Digital Input used for Change normal Switch to digital one, also can be connected to 3rd party PIRs, magnetic contact, smoke detector for security and safety


4 Temperature Sensor to be connected to TIS Temperature Sensor, used to sense the temperature in different areas for different reading values

Aut Timer

Automation Timer Module, real Time clock with sunset , sunrise, DST, Muslims Athan calculator, 240 tables of logic used as timer and automation  Module 

Security module


Security Module  uUsed for advanced security for villa project or big project to communicate with all Sensors and make advanced security logic

Water leak sensor


Water Leak Sensor,  NO/NC Enabled 24VDC  need to be connect to TIS Digital Inputs

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